River Coquet


A member has lost his greys sunglasses whilst fishing the river Coquet. If you by chance find them you can contact the member via the members forum.


Guest tickets

The club allows the facility for members to invite guests onto some of the clubs waters, where rod numbers or leasing agreements allow, and the guidelines on obtaining a guest permit is on page 13 of the handbook.

The most pertinent part of these guidelines is the requirement to give 8 days notice whenever possible. This is to allow time for the permit to be produced and posted to you however, if you have the ability to print off documents then they can be delivered electronically and it may be possible to get the permit with a shorter notice period but this is purely down to the discretion of the Membership Secretary and Head Bailiff and is not guaranteed as neither are awaiting at home just for this event.

On occasions in the past verbal authority has been issued to bring a guest but this will not continue as it makes it impossible to monitor who is fishing our waters and how often. It also does not provide you with the documents your guest needs.

If you do not have the facility to print off the documents they will have to be mailed as your guest needs to carry them on their person when fishing the water so don’t leave it too late or disappointment will be the result.

We understand that sometimes spates etc. can make fishing trips a bit of a last minute decision but if you plan to take a guest and you don’t allow the committee members time to issue the required documentation the only outcome again will be a disappointed guest.

The Membership Secretary will do his best to accommodate any late requests if he can but the longer the notice the more likely a positive result. A recent request was made in the late afternoon for the same evening, that was just an example of poor planning and that sort of last minute request should not expect to be successful.

Crag Lough: On-line booking system now available

The on-line booking system for boats on Crag Lough is now active. Full deatils at http://www.fellingflyfishers.co.uk/forum/general/400-online-booking-for-crag-lough.html

Please be aware of the Covid-19 restrictions when making a booking. These are:

1. Members booking boats are responsible for sanitising the boats, oars, covers etc. both BEFORE and AFTER use and MUST take their own sanitising fluid/spray, cloths, gloves etc. in order to do this. 

2. Only 1 person per boat please unless from the same household when 2 people are allowed. Because of the size of the boats members may find 1 person per boat makes fishing more comfortable and is recommemded.

3. It is strongly recommended that members take and wear their own buoyancy aid.

4. For members not aware the boats are moored slightly offshore so it will be neceassry to wade out to get to the boats and pull them to shore. So please take waders for this. Wellingtoms are not sufficient.

Latest fish counts

The latest fish counts for June have been added to the system. Again there are no figures for the Tyne due to the fish counter being out of operation. We do know that fish are going through as members have had some success on our beats, and members are having success on the Wear, Coquet and the Fenton, Ford and Etal and Shellacres on our Till beats. 

Fish to be caught

Coming to the net

The rains are now starting to bring more fish into our rivers and members are having some long needed time on the rivers. Fresh run salmon are being caught along with sea trout that are still bearing sea lice. The Tyne, Wear and Till beats are producing fish but we wait to hear about the Coquet. It is believed and hoped that the Covid 19 will bring some good news. With the shops being closed for such a long period those netsmen fishing for sea trout have not really had a market to sell to and with lockdown being in place neither the opportunity to actually go fishing like the rest of us. With the decline in sea trout numbers entering the rivers over the past few years then maybe, just maybe, more will enter the rivers to spawn for the future.

Trout fishing is going well on our Stillwater fisheries with excellent numbers being caught with plenty limit bags daily and pleasing to see a lot of the fish being returned unharmed to the waters.

A Warm Welcome

Over the last couple of weeks we have enrolled some new members to the club and the committee will be pretty sure they will receive a warm and friendly introduction to the club from our current membership. It is hoped they have a successful time on club waters.

Car Park at Fenton

It has come to our attention that some members have been using the farm entrance and the gap in the fence to access or leave our car park at Fenton. Please DO NOT do this. Members must ONLY use our designated access. DO NOT take a short cut through the fence and the farmyard or we are in danger of losing our secure car park. If you don't have the access code for the lock it can be found here: http://www.fellingflyfishers.co.uk/forum/general/409-new-gate-lock-at-fenton.html

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