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Club History

Felling Fly Fishing Club was founded in 1984 by some 10 people who believed there was a place for a new game fishing club within the region as it was very difficult to gain access to any of the local clubs at that time. Those early days saw plenty of hard work put in by the few members that we had and we acquired our first piece of fishing water later that year, the river Rede, in Northumberland and the main tributory of the north Tyne. In the near 30 years that we have be going we have seen waters come and go, like Tumbleton Lake at Cragside, Blackton Reservoir in north Yorkshire the river Garry on the west coast of Scotland and the river Liddle in Cumbria. Some of the waters we would liked to have retained and others were sacrificed for newer and better fishing for the members.

We have over 15miles of river fishing, covering most of our major rivers in the region, giving members a wonderful selection of venue for salmon and sea trout fishing plus the two best salmon rivers and the best sea trout river in England. For the angler that also likes to do trout fishing we offer a brown trout fishery and two rainbow trout fisheries. We have a restricted membership level so that overcrowding on the banks of the rivers is never a problem, you could even end up fishing the beat on your own and wonder if we do have other members. If you are interested in joining one of the top angling clubs in the region then please use the "Contact Us" button on the home page.


This is our new website, May 2013, and modifications are continually  being made to offer our members the best information availble plus of course the general public.

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